Thursday, April 10, 2014

On the tip of my tongue...

 O my goodness when I think of all I have to blog to fill you in it rattles my brain and I shut down and don't blog or write anything.

Alors a new approach.(Alors means 'so' but when the French use it to begin a sentence it is more like the American...*ok* as in "ok this is what I want to say or oh yes I see") Whatever I want to write at the other words whatever is bubbling to the top and sloshing what i will write that moment and go back with day to day details when I have more time. Ca va?

A smidge of what I have learned to date:

  • Coffee is called cafe which is also the word for the small restaurant.
  • Cafe au lait is only served at breakfast because it has milk but beaucoup of other cafes are served after a meal.
  • Butter (beurre) is also only served at breakfast. We don't butter our bread any other time here.
  • There are no bread plates at your table setting. You put your piece of bread directly on the table and crumbs are to be expected.
  • And bread is not bitten off the slice (which is in fact torn from the loaf and seldom sliced) but torn and then put into the mouth.
  • My Aunt Pat and Uncle Toby (who have scalding hot black coffee with every meal) will be very disappointed to learn that coffee is always enjoyed after the meal and not during. Except breakfast.
  • My friend Susan will be pained to know that we do not keep our hands in our laps while we eat here as we have so painstakingly taught our children in America. Both hands are kept on the table.
  • My friend Terri will be pleased (as I am) that I have seen beaucoup chipped nail polish. You were right I am chic(er) than I thought!
Whew that felt good! I have been carrying all that around on the tip of my tongue for a while!!
             À tout à l'heure

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