Saturday, April 12, 2014

horseburgers or hamburgers

Toulouse is full of "Places" which are pronounced plahzes and really mean squares. They usually have some sort of park or fountain or such and usually have at least one restaurant on them. So last night we went to Place Saint-Georges which is a big square containing a fountain, a playground and several restaurants.

Not sure when this picture was taken (I downloaded it from the web) because I have never seen it so empty.

The restaurants are so close together you can only tell them apart for outside dining by the different furniture. We have eaten at St George 3 times. And all 3 times, a Monday night, a Friday night and A Saturday night, the outside tables are packed with chattering laughing and eating. Twice we have eaten at the same Italian place that we might make a weekly Saturday night date and once at a burger "joint" That's where we ate last night. The hamburgers we wOOONDerful as is every bite of food I have had since I arrived in Toulouse! The beef taste so much better here as does every bite of food I have had since I arrived in Toulouse. (is there an echo in here) Anyway they were yummy, and as most French plates we have had, beautiful. The only 2 differences is that DQ had red wine with his (a first) and we ate them like everyone else in the courtyard....with our forks and knives. The French use their hands for very few foods I have noticed. We did eat the fries with our fingers (after seeing the locals do it)French fries are actually Belgian and they are called frites here (which also means fried) It was awkward at first but after a while it seemed quite natural.

I have even mastered the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right cutting and pushing food on the upside down fork. I am wondering how "weird" we will be when we return to our homeland. Anyway it was tres délicieux and we may make it a weekly Friday night date. But we will be sure to stay away from the last burger on the menu.

cheval=horse meat

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