Friday, January 31, 2014

To whom it may concern...

Not sure what all awaits us in France/Europe but I know it doesn't involve breast cancer! Biopsy came back negative for cancer!  Thank You Jesus! That is all for now.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well the procedures done and it went off without a hitch.

I was reading some accounts of pain during the procedure yesterday and today when mine was done I was feeling so sad for those ladies who had the bad experiences because it must be that they didn't have the great staff I had. My doctor and the nurse and the tech (from the Huntsville Surgery Center) could not have done a better job! I experienced more pain plucking my eyebrows when I got back to the hotel.

All that to say now it's what should be the hard part ... waiting ... for results (which will come late afternoon tomorrow). But I got *the peace that passes understanding down in my stay.


Today I will have a needle biopsy at the surgery center. And I will find out tomorrow (Thursday) what the findings are. Dr Scott is is confident this is not cancer (90% sure) and is very excited about our trip to France.

Like I said before I am uncharacteristically calm about it all. Mostly just feel like "ain't nobody got time fo this" And of course I will be glad when the procedure is over. But God is the boss of me and I will drink whatever He pours in my cup because I know He loves me so much and I have known nothing but His kindness all the days of my life. He has yet to let me down ... even when He has disappointed me. I do however desire your prayers. I'll keep ya posted.

Monday, January 27, 2014

just so's you know

My ultrasound came back clear and she said she'll see me next year when I get back from Europe! The "call back" mammogram not so good. SMALL cluster of what she is 90% sure is calcium deposits from nursing 20+ years ago. Soooo she is doing a biopsy on Wed and I will have results on Thursday. She promised to always tell me everything she knows! "Knowledge is power and information fights fear. The more you know the less likely you will be to imagine something much worse than reality."

And even if it is cancerous it is VERY tiny and VERY looks like its all caught in a milk duct so it hasn't spread everywhere ... even if it is cancer ... which it's not ... she believes.

Whatever the case I have an unnatural calm about it all. I believe her and even if she's (my doc) wrong I know God and He hasn't let me down yet...even when He has disappointed me.

Today while I was waiting for the doc to come in and tell me what she saw I remembered I hadn't read my daily scripture that comes to me 3 times a day (mornin noon n night) so I pulled my Ipad out and flipped to the app...and this is what I saw...

How could I not trust Him when He sends me little love notes just when I need them!

...good ole US of A

We are still here and may be until the 17th of Feb. due to visa snafus.

It was disappointing news except we have a list of things that we have yet to get done before we leave ... like eye appointments and selling our car and getting me a new phone and cancelling our termite plan on the house we sold and such. And last but certainly not my mind today anyway, is that I have 2 medical test today (lucky me). One is an ovarian ultrasound to check the size of some cyst that are there ... last check did show they had grown. And second is a call back for a second mammogram ... I know this is not uncommon but my mother had breast cancer so....

Her breast cancer was late in life 73 so that makes it a little better for me... but still.

I don't know if anyone is out there but if you are please keep me in your prayers today.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I have hardly been able to sleep feeling like my blog was in a lurch. But my sweet daughter L came and straightened me....I mean it out. I think I also added a way to allow people to follow me or what is now called "subscribe" to me. A lot has changed since I was actively, semi actively (who am I kidding) hardly ever posting on my old blog.

Still waiting to leave btw...I feel like a plane just circling the runway.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


ok i am defeated and going to bed

i accidentally erased my "about me" corner of my blog
and replaced it with some sort of google app...which i then deleted and made my own ghetto version of...

this happened due to the fact i was trying without success to allow people to follow or join or subscribe to me somehow??

never mind...i'll find some young whipper-snapper at starbucks tomorrow to help this feeble old lady...

goodnight sweet friends

waiting for visas

so here we are sleeping in an empty house livin outta suitcases....waiting.

there has been a delay...

it's hard to believe that we will ever leave but I am still making my French flashcards and looking for comfortable stylish walkin shoes and getting check ups and cleanings from stem to stern so I will be in tip top shape for a year.

heres to hoping the next post will say...
Nous sommes sur la bonne voie! France nous voilà!
(We are on our way! France here we come!!)