Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And So It Begins or Nothing To Be Nervous About...You Are Here.

We arrived at the Huntsville airport Saturday the 29th to and kissed many of our sweet loved ones au revoir. (Pictures to follow in later post)

Our flight was delayed which left us not more than 30 minutes to run across the Atlanta airport and catch our Airfrance flight. Of course our arriving gate and out departure gates were on the opposite ends of the airport in different terminals. Apparently they had been calling our names and had just made the last call when we arrived in a huff at the gate. And so we made it! David had a tangle with the bag coming down the isle but he arose (literally) triumphant and showed that bag who was boss by cramming it in the overhead compartment for 7 hours! 

We were the ;ast ones on the plane but we WERE ONthe plane!

I could not sleep as hard as I tried. So I watched 12 Years A Slave in English and several Friends episodes in French (I know them by heart anyway)

 Aaaaaaaaat last (#ettajameswannabe) we are in France. We arrived in Paris on Sunday March 3oth. I of course am worn to a frazzle because I have not slept in 2 days and just traveled half way across the earth. But we are here! We stop to use the bathroom before we meet the driver that has been sent for us.

What follows is my first conversation
 with a pretty French girl applying her
make up in the airport bathroom:
me: It's hot in here. (flapping my shirt open and closed in what I meant to be French sign language for I am boiling why do you have a sweater on?)

her: No I'm cold. (pulling her sweater tighter across her chest and making shivering motions)

me: Maybe I'm just nervous? (as I apply a fresh dose of deo)

her: Are you catching a connecting flight?

me: No.

her: Then there is nothing to be nervous are here.

*Not a bad 1st conversation. Altho I didn't need to speak at all. Just seemed like an intimate situation... applying deodorant and brushing our teeth together...after sleepover activities. Friendly conversation among friends no?

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