Thursday, April 17, 2014

it's funny the things that snag me...

So it's funny and very irritating the things that snag me up so badly that my progress on this blog comes to one of those eardrum piercing s l o w screechy halts like a train on 100 year old tracks! Uggg I have been trying for 2 hours to down load dozens n dozens of picks (10 @ a time) 0n a computer that won't except the memory card out of my phone, I was gonna bombard and most likely swamp this boat with afore mentioned dozens n dozens of pic or our almost 3 full weeks here...starting with our 1st day in Paris. But noooooo it has only down loaded about 5, seemingly random pics of every 10 I have sent. So I stopped and almost closed up shop. But I quickly came to my senses...and decided to do the best I can with what I got. Once again renewing my vow to start where I am and not keep getting further and further behind just because I can not do things in the order I know start from  the beginning. Life lesson of the day: Sometimes you gotta start where you are!

I have to say this because I have been dying to tell you this since I put the 1st mouthful of French yogurt in my mouth....THE FRENCH KNOW HOW TO DO CREAM!!  I don't like milk or really anything creamy in the US but here I can not get enough! Maybe because they take such great time to do everything revolving around food...from fattening the animals up without GMOs or hormones to separating and whisking every ingredient into submission. I have had tiramisu 50 times at home but I can honestly say I had tiramisu for the first time at the restaurant above the Victor Hugo market. I let Him pick the dessert because I was full. Since I don't like tiramisu He probably thought He'd have the whole thing to Himself. Poor thing  He insisted I taste it and ended up fighting me for the rest!

 This was our view and our food from L'imperiale above the Victor Hugo Market.

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