Friday, April 11, 2014

Here's what else I know....

I have yet to see anyone carrying around a cafe (coffee) to go. I did see a Starbucks in Paris but everyone I saw there had real cafe cups and were seated in and outside the cafe. I have not seen any paper Starbucks cups in France. Not many people are in a hurry here. as a matter of fact here in Toulouse they have a saying "quart d'heure Toulousain" translation:the Toulousain 15, meaning if I say I will be there in 15 minutes I really mean 30...or something like that.
No one in Toulouse even rushes onto the metro...if you miss it there will be another right behind it. We have been the 1st one there to every meeting in Toulouse. Those of you who know me know that this is new feeling for me. Now I am the one waiting. Which to tell you the truth I haven't minded one bit. Maybe I was Toulousain all along. 

It is not uncommon for the same public bathroom to be for both men and women. It will have several stalls with doors that lock but a shared sink area. It still makes my heart skip a beat to leave the stall and see a man standing at the sink because I am thinking I am in the mens bathroom by mistake.
I have not seen this myself...and I hope I never do...but DQ tells me that its not uncommon for urinals to be without a stalls or walls...meaning on your way to the ladies room or your own stall you may get more than eye full. Altho after a carafe d'eau (carafe of water)or a few glasses of wine your need for privacy goes down quite a bit!


The birds and water fowl being sold at the market (this picture is from the Victor Hugo market which we visited today) commonly have their heads still attached to their carcass so it can proved whether it is duck or turkey or chicken or rooster you are buying.

I also saw more than I ever wanted to see of whole skinned rabbits and HUGE beef tongues and many other internal animal organs that I think are INside the animal for a reason.

Ok thats all I know today...I'm sure I'll know more tomorrow.
À la prochaine.

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