Wednesday, January 22, 2014

waiting for visas

so here we are sleeping in an empty house livin outta suitcases....waiting.

there has been a delay...

it's hard to believe that we will ever leave but I am still making my French flashcards and looking for comfortable stylish walkin shoes and getting check ups and cleanings from stem to stern so I will be in tip top shape for a year.

heres to hoping the next post will say...
Nous sommes sur la bonne voie! France nous voilà!
(We are on our way! France here we come!!)


  1. How can I subscribe to the blog? Don't wanna miss anything!

  2. You will leave, and many things will be "dead to me" until you return. But don't hurry back, take your time, relax, close you eyes and breathe deep... seize every moment, wring it out till there is nothing left... then in a year you can pack up and come back home -- to me! ::friendlove:: ::sisterlove::