Monday, January 27, 2014

just so's you know

My ultrasound came back clear and she said she'll see me next year when I get back from Europe! The "call back" mammogram not so good. SMALL cluster of what she is 90% sure is calcium deposits from nursing 20+ years ago. Soooo she is doing a biopsy on Wed and I will have results on Thursday. She promised to always tell me everything she knows! "Knowledge is power and information fights fear. The more you know the less likely you will be to imagine something much worse than reality."

And even if it is cancerous it is VERY tiny and VERY looks like its all caught in a milk duct so it hasn't spread everywhere ... even if it is cancer ... which it's not ... she believes.

Whatever the case I have an unnatural calm about it all. I believe her and even if she's (my doc) wrong I know God and He hasn't let me down yet...even when He has disappointed me.

Today while I was waiting for the doc to come in and tell me what she saw I remembered I hadn't read my daily scripture that comes to me 3 times a day (mornin noon n night) so I pulled my Ipad out and flipped to the app...and this is what I saw...

How could I not trust Him when He sends me little love notes just when I need them!

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